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Spring 2024 Parent Update #1

Dear Girls on the Run (GOTR) Parent/Guardian,


The spring season is officially underway, and we hope your child is having a wonderful time in our life-changing program. 



Over the past few weeks, the participants and their teams learned about who they are, what's important to them and how to build connections with their teams. Over the next few weeks, they will focus on developing self-confidence, building character, and how important self care is by doing good things for their brain, physical health, and emotions. 

Participants have been exploring the concepts of positive and negative self-talk, learning how to differentiate between the two, and why it's important to recognize the negative and amplify the positive. Participants will continue to learn about letting their star power shine through and explore healthy ways to express their feelings through emotions- whether comfortable or uncomfortable.

Talking about emotions can be hard for everyone, so we suggest connecting with your child and engaging in conversations about what they learned or discussed at Girls on the Run practice.



As part of the Girls on the Run program, your daughter will be running a non-competitive, celebratory 5K with us at the end of the season. We want everyone to be a part of it and hope to see family and friends join in the fun! 

Girls and their coaches are already registered for their respective 5Ks. If you want to join your GOTR girl, you'll need to register for the race using the proper link below. If you aren’t sure which 5K your team is running, please check our 5K list.


Denver Metro, save the date for May 18th! To learn more about the Denver Metro race and to register please visit our Denver metro 5K Event Details page on our website.

Southern Colorado, save the date for May 11th! To learn more about the Southern Colorado 5K and to register please visit our Southern Colorado 5K Event Details page on our website .

Northern Colorado, save the date for May 11th! To learn more about the Northern Colorado 5K and to register please visit our Northern Colorado 5K Event Details page on our website.



Dr. Rachel Brewer is a Sports Medicine Specialist at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children in Denver, CO. Dr. Brewer is a proud parent, coach, and supporter of Girls on the Run!  

Spring is finally here! Which means spring sports are in full swing. If you have a child/children in sports you’re going to want to keep reading because Dr. Brewer is sharing some important tips for injury prevention in youth athletes.Read Dr. Brewer’s tips for injury prevention.

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