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Metro Denver Parent Mid-Season Check-In

Dear Girls on the Run caregivers,

Our Spring 2024 season is in full swing and our participants have been growing consistently as individuals and as a team! We hope you are seeing positive changes in your Girl on the Run – We definitely have!


By now, you have probably already heard your participant talk about the end of season 5K. At the end of the season, teams participate in a joyful, fun, non-competitive 5K. This is the culmination of the program and gives participants a tangible sense of accomplishment, recognizing their inner strengths and celebrating what makes each one of them unique!

Save the date for our Spring 5K!

When: Saturday, May 18th, 2024

Where: City Park, Denver (between Ferril Lake and the Museum of Nature and Science)

Arrival time: 9:45 AM

Race start time: 10:30 AM

We are expecting many runners and spectators, so please come early and plan accordingly! 

Run with us! As a friendly reminder, all GOTR participants are already registered for the race, but you will have to sign up if you would like to run in the 5K! Please be sure to use the registration link provided by Girls on the Run to ensure you are registered for the right race. We can not issue refunds. ALL runners on the course must have a bib number. Online registration is open until 11:59 PM on Wednesday, May 15th. Registration is $29 online and $34 on race day. Register to run with your GOTR participant today!

5K T-Shirts: Girls should wear their pink GOTR shirts that they get from their coaches at practice. If you and/or your family/friends are running with your GOTR participant, please note that registered runner shirts are distributed on a first come, first serve basis (at bib pick up and/or on race day). While we strive to accommodate everyone, registering on race day does not guarantee you a T-Shirt.

Stay tuned for more detailed information about the 5K and race day coming your way. You can also find more details on our 5K page on our website.

QUESTIONS? Check with your coaches. Your coach should be in contact with you to share details about the race. We will also be sending detailed instructions and Race Day Tips.


The teams are hopping, skipping, jumping, and running their way to the end-of-season 5K. As a matter of fact, the teams will be hosting their practice 5K very soon. This is a great opportunity to join in the fun— be it running, passing out water, or simply being at the finish line to cheer all the girls on. Check in with your coaches and see when the practice 5K will be and how they can use your help!


As the season progresses, the girls will learn about how all our individual and collective strengths can help a larger group and how to positively influence and make a difference in their various communities. The upcoming lessons will be leading up to the Community Impact Project. The girls will be discussing compromise and cooperation, and how using these two concepts they can come up with an idea for this big project.


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Thank you for being a part of Girls on the Run!



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