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Information provided by Dr. Rachel Brewer, Pediatric Sports Medicine and Girls on the Run parent

Why do we encourage kids to exercise and be active?

"In addition to the multiple physical benefits of exercise, it has also been proven to positively affect mental health. There is a definite mind-body condition. As we move our bodies and exercise, chemicals in our brains that affect mood, such as serotonin and endorphins, change when we exercise. Those changes can positively affect mood both in the short and long term and lower risk of anxiety and depression.

Also, exposing kids to different sports and activities helps build self-esteem. This could be through running, team sports, individual sports, or any way to move your body. Staying active also impacts academic performance and assists in concentration, memory and classroom behavior.

And the bonus is, your young athlete has a better quality of sleep with consistent activity. Keep your kids moving for that boost in body and brain function!"


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