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Race Day Tips

These paw-some coaches are here to give some tips so you are race day ready! 


  • Arrive early! It will be crowded, so allow time to find your group or check-in. 

  • Lay your clothes out the night before the race. Participants should wear their PINK Girls on the Run t-shirt.

  • Eat a light breakfast! Give your body time to digest breakfast, about two or three hours before the race. Some great options are toast, cereal, or bananas. 

  • Drink water two hours before the start of the race. Don’t over-hydrate as it could cause cramping. 

  • Go to the restroom before the race starts.

  • DENVER TEAMS: Runners will be released by corrals (noted by a LETTER on GOTR program participants’ bibs). Stay with your team and wait until your corral is called to move forward.

  • Find your happy pace! Don’t go too fast. 

  • Stretch, breathe, and have fun. You got this!


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